Technical Data
Fan Speed Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3
Suggested Application Both Full Heat Exchange Fresh Air Intake Purifer and Indoor Air Purifier
Airflow Rate 350m³/h 450m³/h 600m³/h
Electrical Configuration 220-240V, 50Hz
Power Consumption(Return Air) 130W 140W 150W
Noise Level(Return Air) 35dB 40dB 44dB
Power Consumption(Supplied Air) 170W 210W 250W
Noise Level(Supplied Air) 40dB 44dB 48dB
CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) 600m³/h
Heat Exchange Efficiency >65% >65% >65%
Max. Airflow 600m³/h
Exhaust Airflow 250m³/h
Internal Circulated Airflow 600m³/h
Removal Efficiency for Particles (≥0.3um) Remove >99.95% fine particles sized at ≥0.3um and >99.99% fine particles sized at ≥2.5um
Bacteria Removal Efficiency Removal rate >90%
Dimension (L x W x H) 650 x 350 x 1750 mm
Weight 90kg
Housing materials and Thickness 30% Alumium Alloy 70% Steel Plate
Operating Conditions Ambient Temperature: -10 ~ 50 ℃
Conformity CE : GB
Fan Speed Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3
Heat Exchange Core Filter G4(1.2m²)
Pre-Filter F7(3.4m²)
HEPA Filter H12(6.3m²)
Optional Hepa Filter H13(6.3m²)
Heat Exchange Core Total Heat Exchange Core
Plasma Filtration Yes, bacteria removal effectively
Intelligent Functions
Fan Speed Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3
IAQ Monitoring Function Impregnated Control, External Sensor
Pm2.5 Sensor Pm2.5 Laser Sensor
CO₂ Sensor NDIR CO₂ Sensor
Intelligent Display Pm2.5 & CO₂ Concentration, Time Setting, Manual mode to control airflow, on/ off fresh air and internal circulated air purification, Auto mode: based on the concentration of Pm2.5 CO₂ to control airflow filter replacement indicator
Fan Speed Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3
Max Air Change per hour during Indoor Purification mode in:
30m² (2.7 m ceiling height) 7.4 times
50m²  (2.7 m ceiling height) 4.4 times
100m² (2.7 m ceiling height) 2.2 times