Technical Data
Fan Speed Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3
Suggested Application Installed with Existing Fan Motor for Commercial Use
Airflow Rate H11 rated at 3600CMH
Maximum Recommended Airflow 3600CMH
Removal Efficiency for Particles(≥ 0.3μm) Removal≥95% particcles sized at ≥0.3μm
Weight 37kg
Dimensions (L x W x H) 610 x 750 x 500 mm
Operating Conditions Ambient Temp:0℃ - 50℃
Conformity CE ; CQC
Insulation Pre-installed, fiberglass-free aluminum-foam insulation
Fan Speed Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3
HEPA Filter (Unfolded Area) H12(total 28m² for 4pcs)
Optional HEPA Filter(Unfolded Area) H11(total 28m² for 4pcs) / H13 (total 28m² for 4pcs)
Others ——
Fan Speed Speed 1 Speed 2 Speed 3
Media Area 28m²
Supplied Accessories External Controller and Wireless Sensor Module; Flange Cover x 2pcs
Optional Accessories Mounting Accessories, Flange Cover
Remark HVAC Adapted Wall-mount/Ceiling-mount Engineering Unit with Extend Monitor Display
Display Datum Details of Filters, Inlet Air Flow Rate, Plasma W Operation Status
Optional Control Panel (a) Pm².5 sensor (b)CO2 sensor (c)Plasma Cluster On/Off  (d)Airflow Monitor