Coated Deodorizing Filter Easily and efficiently purify indoor air

Deodorizing Filter:
English name: Coated Deodorizing Filter (“CD Filter”)

Process: The CD filter is made though impregnation process with a glass fiber structure made by using special glass fiber paper and impregnated with adsorbent, deodorant and functional materials.

Product advantages

More optimized structure:
  • The porous structure has a wide unfolded surface area for full and uniform contact with air
  • The large-hole structure has lower air resistance and less resistance to air and increased air flow rate, allowing the purifier to purify indoor air more quickly.

Product with 70 mesh air resistance and 10mm thickness

Optimized formula

  • The CD filter breaks the aldehyde-based chemical bond of formaldehyde to form a new molecule that is firmly locked to the surface by molecular force, avoiding the problem of excessive adsorption and secondary release.

Performance optimization:

  • Using adsorbents that can address formaldehyde, TVOC and odor will effectively decompose harmful gases
  • Adsorption capacity does not change with the changes in ambient temperature and pressure, and the adsorption effect is stable.
  • It has a strong alkaline gas removal capacity

Formaldehyde removal test – 88% removal in 1 hour

Filter size: 0.087m2×10mm, corrugated mesh size: 70 mesh
Test conditions: 30m3 cabin, initial concentration of 1.1mg/m3