High Air Flow Purifier Easily and efficiently purify indoor air

Low resistance

  • Open channel structure: small air resistance reduces air volume loss.
  • @1.1m/s: 6.1Pa, resistance increases slowly due to structural features.

Highly efficient

  • Micro-replicated structure: By making bumps and grooves on the surface of the polypropylene film, to ensure that the filter material has a very large surface area, which can effectively capture or carry particles.
  • Static electret materials and technology: The unique static technology allows static electricity last for a long time, and the high charge density enhances the capturing ability and allows adsorbing of particles.
PM2.5 circulating filtration efficiency: 86%/ hour, 98% /2h
Respective weight efficiency: ≥25%, ≥50% and ≥ 55%
Captured particle size range: ≤ 1 um

Mold-proof and anti-microbial

  • Synthetic fiber makes the filter screen more resistant to moisture and general chemicals and increases the stability of filter in any environment
  • Unique chemical coating: the unique chemical coating, ASTM G21-96 Grade 0; free from mold breeding

Meet European safety standards:

Meet the flame retardant standard of UL900 Class1:
  • UL 900, Class 1 flammability rating (US) for filter thickness ≤ 20 mm
  • UL 900, Class 2 flammability rating (US) for filter thickness > 20 mm and ≤ 50 mm

Meet European RoHS requirements:

  • RoHS Directive compliant. The product does not contain any of the substances in excess of the maximum concentration values in EU Directive2002/95/EC, as amended by Commission Decision 2005/618/EC.
Pass MVSS-302 [flammability test for automotive industry] Easy to install and maintain
  • It can be applied in fancoil, ceiling mounted air conditioner, AHU、MAU、PAU unit
Easy to clean the filter:
  • Cleaning: Filters should be replaced rather than cleaned. If filters are cleaned, vacuuming may restore initial air flow rates; however, other performance metrics may not be restored, depending upon the type of particles encountered in the application.