About Us

Our Mission

People have become accustomed to the design of traditional air purification systems, they never question or put forward any new demands. The structural design, performance and safe of most air purification systems do not have any breakthrough improvements in more than a decade.

While Alpward believes better option can be offered to everyone, Alpward's engineers are committed to the protection of nature and safeguarding the well-beings of users, through abundant research and pioneering spirit, devoted to improving the technology of air purification equipment, and successfully make it in the product series.

Our air purification equipment is unique. We have changed the status quo of air purification systems, concurrently changing our future.

Development of Alpward


  • Swiss R&D Team achieved breakthrough in design
  • Crucial step forward in equipment’s performance
  • Achieved numerous patents


  • The classical series of AD-01 emerged
  • Prototype of AD-01-C1 was created

May 2016

  • AD-01-C1 formally put to mass production
  • All-rounded Advanced Air Cleaning System hit the market

September 2016

  • AD-01-P1 was launched on the market
  • Portable Stand-alone Advanced Air Cleaning System hit the market

March 2017

  • AD-03 Series was launched on the market
  • Fresh air purification system with flexible combination design hit the market

The brand entered into China in April 2017

April 2017

  • Completion of the research and development of AD-01-C2
  • Heavy-duty Advanced Air Cleaning System
  • AE-01 was launched on the market
  • Stand-alone Heat Exchange Air Purification System hit the market

June 2017

  • AD-01-S was launched on the market
  • Compact-sized air purification system can be adaptive in different locations

February 2018

  • IAQ Improvement Project for a cancer early detection laboratory in Hong Kong achieved medical grade indoor air quality standard

March 2018

  • Innovative breakthrough of air filters
  • Anti-mold HAF filters hit the market