Alpward has multiple series to meet the different needs of users for introduction of outdoor fresh air for filtration and indoor air circulation filtration.

Alpward addresses harmful substances within the indoor air according to different needs of customers, including PM2.5, formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds, indoor odor, CO2 concentration and bacteria and tries to create a green and pure intelligent space for customers.

Alpward is applicable to different areas, space and buildings. Fields include hospitals, office buildings, hotels, schools and residences.

Alpward has excellent quality that is difficult to be surpassed by similar products in its class and can handle spaces with high demands or special requirements, such as the operating rooms, cigar rooms, subway transportation and etc.

In terms of indoor air detection, Alpward has a comprehensive detection system, which can effectively monitor various indoor air quality indicators, and enable different control methods according to the value of the indicators to control all air purification equipment and related equipment in real time, timely and effective manner, so as to improve the indoor air quality to a high quality level with reasonable utilization of energy.

  • Data of indoor air that can be monitored: Formaldehyde, CO2, PM2.5
  • Can be managed for different regions and time divisions
  • The fresh air equipment under the brands of the company can be controlled by the terminal and mobile APP.
  • By judging the operation strategy, the system is optimized to achieve the best air purification effect by linking different air purification equipment in the system.